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The Texas State University nursing students showed off their assessment skills and their dancing skills in Nicaragua.

Health assessment skills were not the only thing the nursing students put into practice while in Nicaragua. Watch as they trade in their scrubs for an afternoon of dance lessons.


The Seconds That Took Our Breath Away

By Alicia Vazquez

The Texas State University students embraced the people and scenery that Nicaragua had to offer. This video compiles a single second from every day of the two weeks abroad.

Jan. 4 – The Momotombo volcano greets the Texas State professors and students as they arrive in Managua, Nicaragua.

Jan. 5 – The team has dinner by Lago Xolotlan (Lake Managua) at night.

Jan. 6 – Nursing student Jasmine Casey plays with a baby boy during the house visits at the San Joaquin community.

Jan. 7 – The first group of nursing students visit the Dr. Humberto Alvarado Vasquez hospital in Masaya.

Jan. 8 – Three girls from the San Joaquin community, Liz, Ashley and Nicole sing one of their favorite songs.

Jan. 9 – Nursing student Jasmine Casey gives piggyback rides to the kids of the San Joaquin community on her free time.

Jan. 10 – The nursing students paint the walls at the orphanage Hermanas Siervas del Divino Rostro.

Jan. 11 – TxState Global News Team member Amanda Gibson waves as she zip lines through a coffee plantation.

Jan. 12 – Nursing student Emily Estes takes the census at a home from the Campuzano community.

Jan. 13 – Dr. Melina Quezada offers advice to nursing student Lucy Vitek while at the clinic.

Jan. 14 – Nursing student Anastasia Houze takes the vitals of a baby while at the clinic.

Jan. 15 – Nursing student Bridgette Young carries a boy around the circle while playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

Jan. 16 – “We just got in trouble,” nursing student Michelle Juarez said. She had been walking a woman who had turned 110 years old the previous day. The woman wasn’t allowed near the door because she liked to run away.

Jan. 17 – The team spends their last day in Nicaragua at Pochomil Beach.

Jan. 18 – After two weeks out of the country, the team completes the final element of the trip: landing back in Texas.