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A Look at Guyana

While it may not seem like a spot for tourism, Guyana has lots of natural beauty along with historical sites and landmarks that have a deep meaning to the people that live there.

A group of Texas State students visited Guyana on a study abroad trip and in their downtime were able to visit many of these spots. Guyana is ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse with many groups being represented throughout the country. Watch below for some clips of the places the students saw as they traveled.

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Texas State students visit child care center in Guyana

Students from Texas State University brought donations to Sophia Care Center Jan. 12 in Georgetown, Guyana, with Bridges Global Medical Missions.

Claudette Heyliger-Thomas, medical director of Bridges Global Medical Missions, first visited Sophia Care Center in September 2016 to administer general medical examinations on the children.

After seeing some of the center’s other needs, she decided to go back in January 2018. Along with donations, she brought with her 10 Texas State students who had been in Guyana for two weeks working with Bridges in a study abroad program.

Heyliger-Thomas made 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the center with the help of Texas State students.

Marilyn Ferley-Thompson [left] and Heyliger-Thomas [right] collected donations from family, friends and various organizations starting last year. Ferley-Thompson, who works for Bridges, said they chose to work with Sophia Care Center after learning it housed the largest number of kids [97] in Guyana, based on data provided by the Ministry of Public Health.
[From left to right] Katie Burrell, Xiomara Ojeda and Jennifer Cruz helped Heyliger-Thomas [not pictured] make sandwiches. Burrell is a journalism student and Ojeda and Cruz are respiratory therapy students.
[From left to right] Stephanie Kelley lead Jennifer Cruz and Jacki Brewer as they transported donations to Sophia Care Center. Donations brought included a toothbrush, lip balm and toy for every child.
Amber Hazelett [left] and Bobby Shane [right] hung up shower curtains in the center’s bathrooms. Shower curtains were one of the needs Heyliger-Thomas and Ferley-Thompson noticed on their last visit in Sep. 2016.

Xiomara Ojeda helped with the hanging of 12 curtains, six in each bathroom. The students used zip ties to hang the curtains, as the shower rods were too thick for the rings supplied in the kit. Below is a time lapse of Jennifer Cruz showing how students hung the shower curtains.
The students [pictured in yellow or blue Bridges Global Medical Missions shirts] and mass communication lecturer Holly Wise [in yellow] passed out sandwiches and drinks to the children. Staff were able to keep leftover sandwiches for another day.
Wise helped Heyliger-Thomas and students pass out toys to the children. Children were allowed to pick out one toy each, with crayons as the most requested item.

[From left to right, in blue or yellow] Bobby Shane, Ashley Skinner and Katie Burrell hand out Bridges Global Medical Missions tote bags with a toothbrush and lip balm to every child in Sophia Care Center. The beach balls around the room were brought by Bridges and blown up by the Texas State students. A child at Sophia Care Center then hung them up around the room for decoration before they came down at the end of the day as gifts.
The Texas State team left Guyana the following day, returning to Texas to start their spring 2018 semester.

Photos and videos by Skyler Jennings/Global News Team.